Chronic Bronchitis

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A detailed description of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease "COPD".

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Find information on bronchitis, its causes and symptoms.

Article from TeensHealth explains this respiratory disease. Includes symptoms, causes, what doctors do, and smoking and bronchitis.

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Most reports focus on how many people are killed by tobacco products; this report estimates how much disease cigarettes cause: tobacco products give more than ...

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An article authored by Samuel Ong MD about acute bronchitis. Includes details include the work up, treatment medications and follow up.

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A primary cause of COPD is exposure to secondhand smoke. This article gives the facts on the disease and the risk.

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Information from the AAFP.

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Official pharmaceutical website with information for patients and health professionals.

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A description of chronic and acute bronchitis with a look at the symptoms, causes, useful foods, supplements and deep breathing exercises.

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Learn how this infection develops, often after a cold. Includes signs and symptoms, causes, risk factors, when to see the doctor, treatment, and complications.

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Chronic Bronchitis
Description of chronic bronchitis as well as a look at the symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment.